About Me

We’re all born naked and the rest is drag

– RuPaul

About Me

First thing’s first, my name is Stevie. I’m a little further into the middle-aged category than I’d like to admit, I’m a partner, a parent, a technology professional and a trans woman.

I grew up in the Northwest of England in the 80’s & 90’s though I’ve progressed further south during my adult life ending up on the south coast. I still have my accent though so it’s fine. The location and era of my upbringing weren’t exactly queer friendly, so yeah that was fun at times. Fortunately for my physical wellbeing at the time, I was pretty good at pretending to be a bloke, mainly by being a bit of a dickhead. I finally came out in my mid-thirties and it was the best thing I ever did. OK it slightly scuttled my marriage and caused a couple of difficult years with my family, but overall it was a win for sure. Being comfortable in my own skin has enabled me to form much more meaningful relationships, accelerate my career and. I’m fairly certain I suck less at being a parent than I would have if I’d still trying to act like a man. It still amazes me how living a truly authentic life and caring much less about what people think of you enriches your mental health and allows you to be a kinder, more genuine person.

Professionally, I used to work in embedded software, primarily in telecommunications, then digital TV. More recently I moved into the e-commerce space and I’m currently the head of engineering at a successful UK business in the drinks sector. I can’t kid anyone that I’m still an engineer, but being a pointy-haired boss has some advantages. I’m hugely interested in who humans work together to achieve amazing things. Particularly with respect to culture, values and approach within teams. I’ve spent the leadership portion of my career trying to build on all experiences I’ve gained working under some great leaders and a few terrible ones too. I enjoy studying different approaches to building great team dynamics alongside introspective learning from my own experiences and observations.

Of course, I’m also quite the queer advocate when it comes to the corporate environment. I’m hugely priveleged to be in the position that I am. When I came out, my career was almost wholly unaffected. Many people of various LBTQ persuasions aren’t so fortunate and we have to change that.

I’m also a massive narcissist, so could keep on writing here forever, but I’m going to stop here. Let’s just settle on the idea that I’m pretty interested in diversity and inclusion and helping individuals and teams do fabulous things. That’s what I plan to write about on here in the hope that my words might be a force for good for somebody, sometime.