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You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.

Harlan Ellison

About This Site

What we’re trying to do here is share ideas and opinions that may help people to challenge their own thoughts and ideas, ideally resulting in some kind of change that makes something better for them. We mostly write in the context of the professional/corporate environment because that’s where we spend a large portion of our time. Let’s face it some of the topics that we’ll discuss will stray outside this sphere and into life in general. Also we’re not trained authors, don’t be expecting the works of Shakespeare here.

Some of the topics we write about are sensitive, some are divisive, some are emotive and highly emotionally charged. Letting you into a little secret, it’s totally fine to disagree with anything you read on here. We will no doubt get some hate in the old inbox, that’s the Internet of today. Of course, any quality haters will get the attention that they deserve.

At times we’ll be irreverent, at times we’ll go against the status quo, at times we’ll communicate views that we later change out minds about. That’s the thing you see, learning and evolving within ourselves is pretty fucking cool. (Oh we do swear a bit too.) If what gets written on this site encourages just one person to stop, to think and to challenge their own perceptions in anyway, then we’re winning.

Much of what we write is based on opinion, naturally we refer to hard facts, data and research where appropriate. The key word here though is “opinion” and any opinions shared by the contributors to this site are their own. We do not speak on behalf of our employers, our families, Bob down the road or anyone else. We do our best to avoid talking out of our respective arses, we study, we research and we consider the content we commit to text. If our opinions differ from yours, fair play, feel free to engage with us and debate the matters.

Anyway, time to stop reading this page is it’s dull as dishwater, why not try reading a post or two instead?